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RUSH online class by GamerzClass William "Rush" Wierzba


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Lesson description

In this episode, Rush introduces you to entry fragging and the attitude you need to play the role. Sometimes your role is to just be the sacrifice so the person behind you can locate who killed you. That means you need to have the willingness to be the first in and the first to die. Since you’re the first one going in, then communication is key. Seeing the enemy doesn’t matter if you’re not relaying to the rest of your team where the enemy is. It isn’t just about locating the enemy either, you have to communicate what they’re doing. With communication, you need to be clear and concise. Don’t get caught up in reacting by cursing, but instead tell your teammates behind you exactly what they should be doing. Knowing your opponent is important too. If you’re in a pickup group, it might not be that easy, but relevant teams or someone you’ve played before should be well scouted. If you’re not familiar with a player, then you should be able to catch onto their habits quickly. Communicating their habits to your teammates is one key to victory. Make sure you’re keeping up with your utility. It’s important to know when to throw a grenade or when to throw a flashbang or smoke. You need to know when to throw it for your teammates or know when to tell your teammates to throw them. Don’t get too used to one way of entering with utility. If one entry is effective, then the enemy team will be ready for the same approach. Entering isn’t just about dying or communication, you have to get some kills too. Be as effective as you can with your kills. You don’t want to just spray and pray. What separates a good entry fragger from a professional one is being able to package everything together from communication to aiming. Whatever you’re doing in the game, you need to learn the lessons from what killed you and analyze what you could have done better.

Lesson Plan

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