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PIMP online class by GamerzClass Jacob "Pimp" Winneche

Tactical Walkthrough

Watching a demo
Gun round
Stealing Tactics
Perfect B execution
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Lesson description

When watching a team’s demo, you need to look and consider a few things. How does the team play? Why are they executing this exact strategy? Can this strategy even work for you or is it only a strategy tailored just for them? Watching demos can help you get a better understanding of the game and give you the inspiration to test out the same strategies or try new ones yourself. The first demo Jacob shows is a simple strategy that everyone can use. The match takes place on Mirage and it is currently a pistol round. The strategy that is used in this demo only consists of one smoke grenade. The smoke grenade is used to take over the middle without facing any players, and afterwards to take over A bomb site with a 5v2 scenario. This strategy is particularly useful because it is multipurposeful and very efficient. The other demo that Jacob wants to show you in this episode is how to do a perfect B execution in Mirage. The way they do it in this demo is by making the opponent think that they are going to the A site by using a flash and a smoke grenade. One player is going to stay at A site to look out while the other four teammates are rushing to B with the help of grenades. When you have a clear strategy in mind and execute it perfectly with timed and well-placed grenades, you can deliver a perfect round.

Lesson Plan

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