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PIMP online class by GamerzClass Jacob "Pimp" Winneche

Being A Pro Gamer

Going Pro
Daily Routines
Positive Attitude
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Lesson description

Casual gamers play to have fun, but if you want to become pro, you need to breathe and live Counter-Strike. You will need to dedicate 7-8 hours each day on getting better, otherwise, others will surpass you. The amount of work that you put into the game is what separates an amateur player form a professional player. It is also important to use your time efficiently and practice on the things that you are not so good at instead of practicing things that you are already comfortable with. Being a professional isn’t easy. It includes practicing a lot, traveling, and being able to handle the pressure. Jacob makes it clear that it is, therefore, necessary to relax and use your time well when you aren’t playing Counter-Strike. Reading a book, watching a movie or going for a walk are some of the things that helped Jacob get his head clear and stay focused and motivated for the next practice or tournament. Jacob’s first professional tournament experience was a success. Not because his team did well — they got knocked out in the group stages, by the way — but because the feeling of losing motivated him to practice even more and to become even better at the game. Every career, Counter-Strike included, has its ups and downs. Losing your first game, not qualifying for a tournament or even being away from home most of the year can be hard to handle mentally. That is why Jacob underlines the importance of staying positive and forget about the negative things that are happening.

Lesson Plan

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