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PIMP online class by GamerzClass Jacob "Pimp" Winneche

Pimps History

Social Life
Lan events
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Lesson description

When Jacob Winneche was 12 years old, his cousin introduced him to the game of Counter-Strike and immediately got addicted to the game that later on would be his entire life. The first 4 years of playing Counter-Strike was all about having fun for Jacob, but when he started realizing that he was better than the majority of the players he was playing against, his friends started recommending him to play for a team. Jacobs gaming name “PIMP” comes from one of the social clubs when he and his friends tried to take the computer room from the older kids. The older kids called them little pimps and after that Jacob decided to call himself “PIMP”. Besides placing in the top of the biggest tournaments and been considered as one of the best players in the world, PIMP’s biggest achievement was being able to make it and live out the dream as a professional Counter-Strike player. PIMP’s professional career was also bogged down by a lot of failures. However, experience has thought him not to give up. He used the frustration and disappointment as fuel and motivation to train harder and get better. When PIMP started using all his time on playing Counter-Strike when he was younger and living at his parents, they were a little concerned. Counter-Strike and eSport weren’t big or known at the time, but his parents were more supportive when they found out how passionate PIMP was about the game and that he could make a living off of it. It was the same with his friends. He needed to show them and make them understand how cool Counter-Strike is.

Lesson Plan

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