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PIMP online class by GamerzClass Jacob "Pimp" Winneche

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Lesson description

Being a professional player requires professional gear. When picking gaming gear, you need to choose something that you are comfortable with, and that fits only you and no one else. The mouse is the most important gear. You need to pick a mouse that has the right shape for you. When clicking on or holding the mouse it needs to feel natural to you. The mouse that Jacob uses is a wireless Logitech 700 3G version. Also, there are lots of different types and variants of mouse pads. Again, it comes to personal preferences, but Jacob uses a clothing mouse pad because it gives resistance to the gliding normal mouse pads provide, which allows for better control. Having the right keyboard is also important and your choice is free as long as it is mechanical. Jacob uses a HyperX FPS Alloy. Choosing a headset can be tricky because you first need to test them out and see which one doesn’t bother after many hours playing in them. Sound isolating headsets are the best choice because the more sound you can isolate from the outside world, the more you can focus in-game.

Lesson Plan

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