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NBK online class by GamerzClass Nathan "Nbk" Schmitt


Nuke Ramp
Aggressive Utility
Passive Play
Off angles
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Lesson description

In this episode, NBK goes through the intricacies of playing ramp on Nuke as CT. The ramp is a crucial part of the map, and if you lose control of it, it will be difficult for your teammates to retake the position. Therefore it is vital that you get the most out of it and either stop, get an early kill or fall back with the information. Sometimes you will have to cover this position all by yourself, so having an escape plan is very important. This applies in situations where you see them coming, and they are going to overrun you. Attempt to take a quick kill if you have a good weapon and then retreat until you have back-up coming. Utility tricks are limited here, however, throwing a flash and/or smoke + flash combo can surprise the enemy if you are planning on being more aggressive.

Lesson Plan

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