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NBK online class by GamerzClass Nathan "Nbk" Schmitt


Dust 2 B Site
Rushing B
Utility Usage
1-2 System
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Lesson description

In this episode, NBK talks about how to play B bombsite on Dust 2. The main components of playing this map will be team play and grenade usage. Make sure always to have mid smoked, so you don’t get shot through the doors. Either ask your awper for it or do it yourself, but ideally, you would like to have two smokes and two molotovs on B. The B-rush is a classic on Dus t2 from the terrorists, so you have to be careful. The main goal is to stay alive as long as possible and do as much damage as you can. For this, there are a few spots that are excellent defensive outposts, and you need to be aware of the two classic flashes. Playing on the left side of the tunnel can be very efficient, but it requires team coordination. You want to be watching the window and have a teammate cover tunnel after he smokes the doors on B. This way, you create a crossfire and keep all sides of the site under control.

Lesson Plan

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