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NBK online class by GamerzClass Nathan "Nbk" Schmitt


Utility usage
A side
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Lesson description

In this episode, NBK explains several rounds from their match against Astralis on Overpass and how he made the most out of it while playing A. This in-depth analysis demonstrates how Counter-Strike is a game of decisions. Finding the perfect balance between playing aggressive, fishing for information, being annoying, and using utility to delay the enemy is crucial to being a great player on Overpass. In the second round, NBK shows how playing aggressive and helping your teammate has a massive payoff as he gets two early kills and immediately falls back to avoid being predictable. Always try to be aware of what you and your teammates are doing. You can’t control the enemy, but you can still pay attention to what is going on in your team so you can base your decisions on that. After falling back, make sure your buddy can also retreat safely, and he won’t get revenge fragged or flanked.

Lesson Plan

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