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NBK online class by GamerzClass Nathan "Nbk" Schmitt


Playing alone
Leading the Awper
Aggressive Teamplay
Decision Making
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Lesson description

Playing A-site on Overpass is slightly different than the other maps for the lurker position because it requires the right balance of a lot of the things that a great anchor player is supposed to do. In this episode, NBK will show you precisely what that means. Playing passive on A-site Overpass is not effective for CTs if the Ts execute a good strategy because they will often be able to flash the main positions and run you over. Just holding the bomb site 5 on 5 puts you at a disadvantage, so you will want to use your utility to bother the terrorists and not let them execute their strategy. Many different spots are suitable for CT side aggression. NBK enjoys playing shotgun in the underground and holding the toilet with an M4.

Lesson Plan

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