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NBK online class by GamerzClass Nathan "Nbk" Schmitt


Utility Mid-Late Round
Closed map
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Lesson description

In this episode, NBK shows us all the options that are available in the Lobby area of Nuke, because that’s where you will be most often as the lurker. Starting out on Nuke on the T-side, it is vital to break the windows so that you can throw your utility correctly. Generally, it is one window either on the left or on the right, but if you don’t make any mistakes, you can break all four and not get punished for it. Breaking the door is a very annoying thing for the CTs to deal with so it’s always a great idea to do because it puts a lot of pressure on them and gives you great opportunities for mind-games by creating chaos. Because of how closed the map is, your role as the support player will be mostly applying pressure and forcing the counter-terrorists to waste utility their utility on you and pay attention to what you are doing. This gives your team a lot of space and chances to dominate other parts of the map or quickly rotate and rush A when all of the utility has been used.

Lesson Plan

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