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NBK online class by GamerzClass Nathan "Nbk" Schmitt


Support role
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Lesson description

In this episode, Nathan “NBK” Schmitt dives into the specifics of what it means to be a support while playing on the T-side. There are three main components. 1. Communication – Precision is critical in this aspect. You need to be very exact with what you say. However, for this to be effective, you’ll also have to listen and always pay attention to what is happening on all sides of the map. 2. Information – On the T-side, information is everything. If you know where the opponents are defending, then you know how to attack, what angles to take, and how to proceed. 3. Selflessness – Your team will always be first. Your arsenal will be more general because of the situations that you will find yourself in, so you can use SMGs to punish the enemy’s mistakes.

Lesson Plan

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