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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


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Lesson description

In this episode, glace teaches you about communication and tone. Communication is equally important to your raw skill, as it determine if you can function in a team-environment or not. Giving communication might seem simple at first, but it’s really hard to manage while also having focus on your own gameplay. Communicating is all about giving precise and fast info. Precise info means that instead of a “It’s B”-callout, you’ll try and be more specific with “Atleast two people B”. This allows your teammates to play off your communication but also ensure that they don’t over rotate. What most players fail to do is update their info – Once they’ve given their info, they forget that they need to update it, to make sure their teammates are always up to date. Your tone while communicating is another essential part of it, as you don’t want to create chaos on your voice communication where everyone try and predominate. So adjust your voice tone to whatever is happening on the voice communication and how important it is.

Lesson Plan

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