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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


Shoulder Peeking
KZ Maps
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Lesson description

In this episode, glace talks about movement and why it’s such a crucial part of your game. Movement is an essential part of everything you do in CSGO. Moving around the map, clutching, throwing utility – all of these aspects of the game are improved with better movement. It can be broken down into these aspects: shoulder peeking, strafing, wide strafing, crouch jumping, and regular movement. All of these aspects are crucial when moving around as they will all help you improve individually but also get kills you usually wouldn’t. For instance, shoulder peeking is widely used to get information on angles when you don’t want to fully commit, hence why you want to “bait” the enemy to shoot, giving away his position. The complete opposite of that is wide strafing, used in situations where you know exactly where the opponent is, but he has the advantage in the duel. Strafing wide means that you move “past” his crosshair placement and suddenly you have the upper hand in the fight.

Lesson Plan

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