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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


Change it up
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Lesson description

In this episode, glace talks about positioning and how crucial it is even though it’s a small part of the game. Positioning requires you to be very versatile and switch up your game because your opponents will be able to read your position if you have the same tendencies throughout a match. Changing position can be hard, as you’ll also have to consider the opponent’s playstyle. If you don’t do that, you’ll end up in positions that might be good in specific scenarios, but won’t fit with how your opponents are playing. Positions in retakes are also a crucial part of the mechanic because unorganized retakes won’t work against better teams. So you’ll need to think about where you’re retaking from, and where your teammates are to work as a unit towards defusing the bomb. It doesn’t only apply to Counter-Terrorists as after-plant positions are equally important. After-plant positions are what determines the outcome of the round. You need to be able to support and trade with each other, and if you don’t, the CT’s will kill you off one by one.

Lesson Plan

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