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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


CT Perspective
T Perspective
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Lesson description

In this episode, glace covers the various perspectives of clutching playing as either counter-terrorists and terrorists. It covers the whole concept of clutching; how to think, what to do, and how to do it. Your general approach to clutching should be to analyze whatever situation you’re in and make a decision based on that. Analyzing the situation means that you make a decision based on what information you’ve previously received in the round and try to use your gut feeling if you don’t have any information. The method applies to both sides – whether you’re CT or T the same rule applies. When it comes to Terrorists, the most important thing is to get into a strong after-plant position and put yourself in a situation where the Counter-terrorists have to find you or are unaware of your position. Counter-terrorist is somewhat of a gamble if you have no information on the opponent. You’ll have to play on the previously obtained information and try to make a play based on that. The play could be either gambling a bomb site, or in an after-plant, try and guess where the enemy is and fake-defuse the bomb to lure him out.

Lesson Plan

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