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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


Advantageous situations
Disadvantageous situations
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Lesson description

In this episode, glace talks about powerplay which can represent either an advantageous or disadvantageous map scenario. Powerplays can be everything from a 2on3 to a 5on4, and it’s about managing these situations in the best possible way. It’s all about making a mutual decision within the team and executing that decision. It’s always better to have a plan and fail, than not have a strategy at all and fail. This way you learn from your mistakes, and you’re able to analyze what you could’ve done differently and improve. This could be as Terrorists where you either gather up and execute with the available utility or if you don’t have any utility items, come up with a contact play that you think might work. For Counter-Terrorists, it could be rotating into a stronger position if you’re already in a better position, or rotating and stacking a site if you’re in a disadvantageous situation.

Lesson Plan

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