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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


What does running paths mean?
Why it's important?
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Lesson description

Running path is a term for a certain pathing you’re running while executing a specific tactic or default. On the surface, this might sound simple, but it ensures beforehand that everyone knows where their teammates are running. Doing so not only creates a better overview but also makes sure that every angle is cleared and you know exactly where to look so you don’t get flashed. So the way to create running paths is to prioritize positions you want to clear. An example would be A Mirage: Player A clears under Balcony. Player B clears sandwich. Player C looks towards CT Spawn. While the first three players are running, players D and E are throwing flashes in the back of their teammates, so they can run in without being blind. This way you have every angle and position covered and can re-frag each other as you’re running with short spacing.

Lesson Plan

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