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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


Definition of a Crossfire
How to use a Crossfire
How your team should play around a Crossfire
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Lesson description

Crossfire is the definition of two teammates standing in different positions aiming towards the same angle. The objective of this is to create a scenario where your opponent won’t be able to kill both of you unless you’re trading with him. Or in the case of multiple opponents, you’re ready to draw attention towards the first contact while your teammates get a free shot at the opposition. The best position for crossfires is where the first contact can hide after taking the first contact because this makes it easier for both him and his teammate if he doesn’t die straight away. Being able to help each other is an essential part of a crossfire, which is why it’s vital to communicate a lot. This involves communicating the entire plan to your teammate, making sure you’re on the same page, deciding when to engage, and who initiates the first contact. Last but not least: Your teammates that aren’t involved. Let them know what you’re planning and how they could help draw attention or use utility. Once you’re hidden in a crossfire, try not to throw any utility items as this will give away your position. Try and use your smokes and grenades before going into the setup, as you most likely won’t have any opportunity to use them afterward.

Lesson Plan

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