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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


How to pick a demo
What to look for in the demo
Be Critical
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Lesson description

In general, you’ll want to record all of your matches or practice sessions for future analysis. I’d recommend doing it through Shadowplay or Plays.tv as these platforms also include voice communication, which can help clarify certain situations or help remind you why you opted for a particular move or decision. While analyzing your demo, you’ll specifically want to pay attention to your positioning, utility usage, decision making, and communication. Positioning is very situational as it differs from round to round but also depends on what your opponents are doing. Regardless, your entire thought process should be; why am I positioning myself in a specific position? Can I have placed myself better or rotated differently after first-contact? It’s tough to analyze your utility in terms of timings as it usually comes down to how your opponent’s play. So what you want to pay attention to is if you waste any grenades. This could be any grenade that was potentially wasted or could’ve been used better.

Lesson Plan

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