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GLACE online class by GamerzClass Nicolai "Glace" Jensen


How to Change your Sensitivity
Get used to your Sensitivity
How you can use the Sensitivity
Manual Control
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Lesson description

There’s no right or wrong sensitivity. It’s a subjective matter, and the only way to figure out your ideal sensitivity is by testing a lot of different values. Changing your sensitivity can be adjusted in the developer console by using the command “sensitivity X.X” where X is replaced with the values you want. An example; Sensitivity 2.1. Sensitivity is used in almost every aspect of the game — movement, crosshair placement, aiming, grenade usage, and angle clearing. In terms of movement, you use it to get around corners and angles in a smooth motion, including jumping, bunny jumping, and strafing. For crosshair placement, it’s about being able to keep your crosshair in a steady position while clearing angles. For aiming, you need to be comfortable with how much resistance you need to give your recoil, but also consider long-range duels. Every little detail is affected by your sensitivity. If it’s too slow, you’ll probably lift your mouse a bit too much, making your movement and angle clearing worse. If it’s too fast, you’ll most likely over-aim in long-range duels or have a hard time spraying.

Lesson Plan

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