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Decision Making

Learn how to think like a pro player in any situation and improve on your mechanics from NA’s #1 raw talent.

Grenade Usage

Master nade usage so you can outclass your opponents without having to rely on pure aim.

Map Walkthroughs

Go step by step through Dust, Mirage & Inferno and learn how to create unbeatable strategies.


Improve your teamplay abilities and carry any team regardless of solo or party queue.


Gain new understandings on how to break through a site playing as terrorists so you win more rounds even on CT maps.


Learn the best angles, positions & plays to stop any team from breaching and holding down the plant.

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This course includes

Full life time access

Cross platform content

Hours of on-demand video

15 In-depth episodes

Custom workbooks

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The course

Rank Up

Road to Global Elite has never been easier as you learn to master all of the aspects of CS:GO

Improve your ADR

Deal more damage, get more kills and become the top fragger you deserve to be.

Start Dominating

Start your journey of matchmaking domination as soon as you finish watching this course.

Course Description

This ultimate CS:GO course will boost your rank to the next level. Learn from a Top 10 player how to think, play, eat & breath Counter-Strike. Master the art of nade usage on every map and play like a true professional. After this GamerzClass you will never want to rush B ever again and won’t care where your teammates are from as it won’t matter. Top frag every game with beyond global elite decision making & strategies straight from NA’s number 1 raw talent. Queue up & rank up with Twistzz’s one of a kind, state of the art ultimate CS:GO course.

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