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Play the laning phase like it’s supposed to and take over the game from the lane.


Win unfavorable matchups and play to win as melee vs ranged champions.


Learn to use teleport to its maximum potential every time.


Avoid unnecessary deaths by understanding the jungler pathing and mentality.


Manage the creep waves to set yourself up for success through freezes, slow pushes or fast pushing.


Learn how to use high mobility champions to take over the entire map and play around objectives and baron.

Master the Top Lane
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Course Description

You will learn to conquer the top lane in League of Legends. You don’t stay at the top of the League of Legends competitive scene without having a trick or two up your sleeve. In this course, 6 time Worlds participant, with multiple out of groups showings and EU LCS titles, Paul “sOAZ” Boyer changes the way we think of the top lane in solo queue environments. Top lane isn’t an island, and through these 18 episodes you will go from clueless laning to master of the macro game. There’s a reason why the past 10 years, the name sOAZ has kept popping up and this course shows you why.


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