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Become a great Ingame Leader and master the art of taking control of the strategy and the game.


Learn how to execute strategies both in the early and later stages of the round.


Win more pistol rounds and secure yourself leads as soon as the map starts to win more games.


Get access to the default strategies used on almost all maps for utility and executes for both T and CT.


Stop losing in after plant situations as T and learn how to do retakes & defuse bombs as CT.


Understand what to look at when watching pros play the game and how to decipher patterns.

Advanced In Game Leading
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Play CS:GO like a pro and take your career to the next level, with this CS:GO MasterClass.

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Course Description

You will learn how to be a pro IGL in CS:GO. You don’t become a veteran in the scene overnight, but you can become very good by learning from one. This 24 episode course with Snappi breaks down what it takes to become insane in-game leader. It focuses on tactics, gameplans and strategies on almost every map. This course shows you all of the utility spots, smoke tricks and best in-game practices. Exponentially increase your game-knowledge in just 4 hours of content so you can become the great player you were meant to be.


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