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Teaches Entry Fragging
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Learn how to master the art of doing entry fragging and start decimating all your opponents


Learn how to clear the different angels on the Maps so you put yourself in a advantageous position


Learn the different positions on the different Maps and put yourself in a favorable position


Learn the best one-way-smokes and start take advantage of positioning yourself to win more aim duels

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Play CS:GO like a pro and take your career to the next level, with this CS:GO MasterClass.


Learn how to master entry-fragging and start dominating.


This course will get you more wins, by understanding how to entry.

"You will learn how to entry-frag and storm your opponents in CS:GO. Some people enjoy playing the awp and playing the map but this course is for those who don’t have the patience to wait for their team to come up with a plan. In collaboration with Rush, this GamerzClass will blow your mind by delivering the secrets of entry fragging directly to your doorstep. Learn what’s arguably the most aggressive role in CS:GO and take control of your matchmaking games. Master recoil control, crosshair placement and how to consistently make those flashy plays that make for great montages"

- William "RUSH" Wierzba

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