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Teaches Support and Lurking
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Learn all the utility usage tips, tricks and spots for 6 of the most played maps in the pool.


Master the art of playing as a lurker on T-side to become the MVP in all games.


Use advanced tactics to become unbreakable on the CT-side.


Receive specific strategies that can be copied directly in your games in order to win.


Get an in-depth understanding of the lurker / support position so you always know what your role is in the game.


Learn from precise examples given by NBK that were used to win professional maps at the highest level.

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Course Description

You will learn everything there is to know about the Lurker position in CS:GO. Few people in the scene have the same amount or more achievements when it comes to CounterStrike. NBK’s masterclass is a 35 episode coaching masterpiece that will help you stomp your opposition in both public and tournament games. Learn from a top tier support player how to take the initiative, get the most out of your utility, communicate properly and overall sacrifice everything so you can take your team to victory. Master the lurker position and punish your opponent’s every mistake.

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