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How to select your heros to get a great lane or create strong synergies both in competitive and solo queue.


Learn how to approach team fights and understand your role in them. Regardless of the patch, teamfighting is vital in Dota 2.


Understand what items to buy and what talents to choose because cookie cutter builds don’t work in Dota.


Improve your laning phase so you can snowball the game from the get go. The first 5 minutes can already decide the outcome of the game.


Master timings and playing around objectives. Tips on how to understand who is strong, when to group and when to fight.


Break down replays with N0tail and learn from his perspective of the game.

English, русский, 中文, ไทย
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Increase your MMR

This course will help you increase your MMR fast, using N0tails best practices in DotA2.

19 Exclusive Episodes

Get instant access to more than 3 hours of video content with N0tail teaching DotA2.

Start Dominating

Increase your skill level fast, and start decimating your opponents on the servers.

Course Description

You will learn to play Dota 2 at the highest caliber possible. This 3 hour course will redefine the way you think about Dota 2. The game is infinitely complex and ever-evolving game, but there is a way to get the most out of it and this course gives it directly to you. Stop playing on auto-mode and learn how to think, approach and play the game to become unstoppable. Your preferred role, heroes or positions don’t matter because this course gives you the universal keys for success. Learning and improving at Dota 2 has never become more accessible and after just 19 episodes, a significant knowledge gain will translate to a giant leap in MMR.


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