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Teaches Clutching and Tactics
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Master clutch situations and get the most out of each situation to increase your win probability


Pick up specific round winning strategies from the pros and play like Astralis, Faze and other pro teams


Get more kills every round by developing an aggressive but smart playstyle


Find out what is important information and how to communicate it properly to your teammates

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30 In-depth episodes

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This master course will help you reach new levels in CS:GO and start winning more games.


This master course will help you learn how to win more clutch situations.


This master course will help you learn how to master lurking and win more games.

"You will learn what it takes to be a competitive CS:GO player. With a background in work psychology and an outstanding track record as a Counter-Strike analyst, Maniac will redefine the way you think about the game. Improve your mental both in and outside the game by breaking down clutches & high pressure moments. Understand the strategies, the systems and the roles of CS:GO that only the pros think of and expand your knowledge. Analyse replays alongside your coach in this course and the way you perceive the game will never be the same"

- Mathieu "Maniac" Quiquerez


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