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Perfect your early game with perfect landings and better early game understanding.


Create better routes that allow you to gather a lot more building resources before the first circle.


Pick the best risk free spots to set up in the zone to give yourself and your team an advantage.


Make better decisions regarding when and how to fight when your spot is contested.


Adapt to the moving circle and get the most out of every situation to secure yourself more kills and more wins.


Get better at positioning yourself throughout the entire game so you can survive more and land yourself more top finishes.

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Learn how to master building, aiming, strategies and increase your K/D ratio.

27 Exclusive Episodes

Get instant access to more than 3 hours of video content with Jarl teaching Fortnite.


Increase your skill level fast, and start decimating your opponents on the servers.

Course Description

You will learn how to win more games in Fortnite. Victory Royale are the only two words that matter at the end of a Fortnite game and this course will take you to them faster than you could pop those minies behind a wall in a bulletstorm. A complete guide that breaks down incredibly skilled mechanical plays into tactics that you can take into your games the second you finish watching. Through this course you’ll better understand each part of the game, consistently get to the end and utilize your resources to their fullest to secure that win.

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