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Teaches tactics and strategies
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Learn how to create strategien and tactics together with the head coach of Team EG


Learn how to play different situations and understand how the game mechanics works


Learn how to utilize on the money system and put your team in a better position of winning the game


Learn how professional teams does teambuilding and understand how to set a team of the right profiles

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Play CS:GO like a pro and take your career to the next level, with this CS:GO masterclass.

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"You will learn to master the basics of CS:GO faster than anybody else. If you’re a CS:GO beginner with an ambitious mindset and want to become a winner then this course will take you a long way. Glace aims to help you become a better player and introduce you to the competitive side of the game. From a top 30 worldwide player this masterclass was created to guide you from A to Z and reveal all of the fundamentals of CS:GO. Improving has never been more accessible and improvement is guaranteed"

- Chet "ImaPet" Singh

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