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Master the position 3 and completely take over the game from the offlane.


Bully the opposing carry out of lane everytime and laugh at them as they are forced to back in the jungle.


Understand your hero timings and how to adjust your playstyle depending on the success of your laning phase.


Pick the strongest heroes that fit in any draft to create a powerful team comp that will destroy the enemy safelane.


Wreck havoc on the map with strong initiators and create amazing opportunities for your team to win easy team fights.


Become an unstoppable force that disrupts the enemy team in fights and reign dominance over their cores.

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Master Offlane
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Get the biggest odds of winning with better heroes picks and never lose off lane again


Instant increase in your skill level to start decimating your opponents in pubs


This course will help you increase your MMR fast, using IceIceIce’s best practices in Dota 2

Course Description

This course will raise your Dota 2 skill & MMR to completely new heights. Reach the pinnacle of ranked Dota by taking over the game from the offlane. Master the most satisfying role and laugh in the face of the opposing carry as you bully him to death. Learn how to play the most broken offlane heroes and how to consistently generate a lead using simple tools & tricks. Become an unstoppable force and improve your position 3 gameplay so you too can get that +25 and have fun doing so. Learn the secret strategies that IceIceIce uses to get himself at TI year after year in this exclusive GamerzClass

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