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Learn different style variations & formations and how to build an in-depth game plan that fits you best.


Become better in the defence by understanding what buttons to use and how to control your opponent on your half of the pitch.


Go through the new set pieces in FIFA20 like freekicks and forget what isn’t good anymore.


Master the most fun part of the game and get to know what are the best moves to use in FIFA20.


Score more goals and become proficient in different shooting techniques.


Create successful attacking strategies with high tempo that lead to a lot of scoring opportunities.

Improve your Defending
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18 In-depth episodes

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Improve your Record

Start improving your game in Squad Battles, Division Rivals and Weekend League.


Start winning all your weekend league matches and go 30-0.

Start Dominating

Increase your skill level fast, and start decimating all of your friends at FIFA20.

Course Description

You will learn FIFA 20 from the legend himself. This course guarantees more wins and aims to make you the ultimate FUT Champion. BorasLegend will take you step by step through everything from Defending to Attacking. Master the art of skill moves, set pieces, shooting, formations and more to reach a higher division. This GamerzClass is more valuable than any amount of FIFA points you can get. 18 episodes of exclusive content & 10 years of FIFA experience summarized in one single place, carefully designed to give you the ultimate FIFA20 learning experience


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