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February 28, 2019

What we do, Girl gamer

GamerzClass revolutionises eSports training with premium courses

Gaming has moved out of the basement and the children's room and into a professional reality with young people competing at a high level. Previously parents were opposed to children spending afternoons and evenings playing computer. Now a new trend is showing. The computer games have been accepted in the mainstream media, and so they have also been in the Danish homes. Today eSport is a leisure activity at the height of football – if not bigger.

GamerzClass is a Danish startup that will help children and young people around the world pursuing their dream of becoming a professional gamer.

Victor Folmann, founder of GamerzClass, says there is an increasing demand for teaching in eSport but schools and associations face challenges in finding qualified teaching materials. This is where GamerzClass comes into the picture.

Ettnix and Pimp video player

As a former Counter-Strike player Victor Folmann spent countless hours on YouTube learning about the game:

“What I experienced as a player was that there are a lot of good videos on YouTube but they are unsorted, unstructured, and basically it’s a big mess. Therefore, we would like to help others become better gamers by offering structured teaching.”

GamerzClass differs from the free media in several other areas. The GamerzClass teachers are all people who have previously played or still play at the top level. The GamerzClass platform effectively provides new gamers with the knowledge that the stars have built over many years. Thus, thousands of people can enjoy the same content and even at a price level where everyone can participate.

Victor Folmann emphasizes that GamerzClass is much more elaborate than what you see on YouTube:

“We prepare our content through several months and it is recorded in close collaboration with professional players and coaches to convey it in the best possible way. The recordings are also done in a professional environment with good sound and beautiful angles. Ten employees are involved in the production in order to make the content as exciting, captivating and inspiring as possible. We don't settle for a headset and a simple webcam. We take the eSport teaching to a whole new level.”

GamerzClass has already produced its first three courses. 2019 will be a busy year as they expect to present at least 18 new courses. GamerzClass primarily focuses its content on Counter-Strike, League of Legends and Fortnite.

In addition to the online teaching material GamerzClass also produces workbooks so that the students can make “assignments at home". GamerzClass is currently developing its platform to include gamification so that learning will become even more fun.