Time to celebrate

March 14, 2019

Startup World Cup 2019 - GamerzClass Regional Champion

GAMERZCLASS is moving on to the grand final of the StartUp World Cup 2019 held in Silicon Valley!

We started GAMERZCLASS around a year ago three guys in an apartment with the vision to make the knowledge of the best gamers available to all the aspiring gamers around the world. Within the first year we have reached a number of milestones. Last friday was no exception as we won the startup World Cup regional championship and qualified for the grand final in Silicon Valley. But allow me to go back a months weeks.

Our CEO received a call from our beloved Advisor Jesper Drescher, who encouraged us to take part of the StartUp World Cup. Usually we don’t prioritize these events as we focus on creating the best content out there, every day! But, the competition sounded interesting as the finals were held in Silicon Valley and the winner is rewarded $1.000.000 and some of the speakers at the event are top-notch start-up CEOs from linkedIn Netflix etc. Which convinced us to apply.

We were proud to be chosen to the regional finals amongst more than 150 great applicants. To be honest, when we took a look at the final participants we were overwhelmed and proud to be a part of such a strong group of startups. We were by far the youngest company, and one of the smallest teams so we did not expect much of the regional championship.

We met at 4 o’clock, and after one hour of networking the pitches begun. The first company, UserTribe, took the stage with a strong pitch. I could see that our CEO Victor was nervous to follow, but still excited. And hands down, Victor had a great perfomance finishing the pitch two seconds before the time ran out. After his pitch three minutes followed with questions from the judges, he was challenged but managed to answer them well.

After that 6 pitches followed before the judges had an hour of discussing who would be the winner. As the competition was extremely though we did not expect much and had each a favorite to take the title. All participants were called to the stage and the excitement was build by the audience. The host yelled out GAMERZCLASS! A shook went trough my body and everybody from the team looked at each other and could not believe that we actually won! Victor was rewarded the trophy and we’re all chanting.


It is now official, the dream of every european entrepreneur is a reality, we are going to Silicon Valley! We promise to represent esport well at the World Cup and can’t thank you all enough for the support. This dream is only possible because of you, and great things are coming!