Official Froggen Trailer

September 24, 2018

Froggen Teaches League of Legends

Froggen, also known as the Master of the Anivia has agreed to create a step-by-step course, on how to improve your overall gameplay in League of Legends. Not only will he share all his knowledge about the general gameplay, but he will also explains all his secret tips about the Winter´s Mother, The Cryophoenix… Anivia…

Winter is coming…

This GamerzClass is for the player out there who wants to increase their gameplay and get closer to the dream of becoming an actual professional league player.

We promise you something unique, inspiring and last but not least. True educational content, that will help you get closer to your dream.

All 20 lessons have customized workbooks attached, including challenges and real assignments, which you have to complete in order to pass the different lessons.