Froggen Joins

December 15, 2018

Froggen joins Golden Guardians

it is a reality! Henrik “Froggen” Hansen is moving to the Bay Area

We have been so excited since we first heard rumors that Froggen might join the Golden Guardians – now it is a reality! Henrik is moving to the Bay Area.

When we contacted Froggen back in the spring he was in-between teams and having a break from competitive League while streaming and enjoying some well deserved family time in Denmark.

It was a perfect match as it is super challenging to find the time in a pro players calendar to do such a demanding course as a GamerzClass. But, we always wanted Froggen to go back to the competitive scene and be the great leader he is. Shortly after our recording sessions he got his American Visa and went back to the states.

Froggen is one of the players with the longest career in the League of Legends scene. He is especially known for his skills on Anivia. From 2016 through 2017, he played for Echo Fox. For the most of 2018, Froggen stayed as a free agent, but he played in Origen shortly and became the champions of European Masters 2018.

As much as we have enjoyed his frequency on his stream the last 6 months we are even more excited to congratulate our dear friend Henrik. When we met him we clearly felt a deep desire to go back to the pro scene and show that he was still one of the best midlaners to ever play the game of League. Therefore, it is our greatest pleasure to see that things finally worked out how it was supposed to. And we can wait to see what you will accomplish in the next season of LCS and the years to come!

Here at the office of GamerzClass we love esports, but we also love the game of Basketball and the NBA. So even though we are not the greatest fans of the dominant NBA team Golden State Worriers, it is still a pleasure to see Henrik go to such a professional organisation. And to see these great sport organisation being so deeply involved with esport just remind us all how far gaming have come since we started playing Diablo II, CS 1.6 and Warcraft III.

Henrik, our dear friend, we want to congratulate you once again and our fingers are crossed, we hope for a great future.