Ettnix Schedule

December 03, 2018

Ettnix release plan

Fortnite release schedule

As we are celebrating the holidays, we thought about doing the release of Ettnix Fortnite course, a little bit differently. We will be releasing the course on-going throughout the 25 days of holidays.

Each monday a new chapter will be uploaded to the website, including a FREE episode in each of the chapters. This means that you throughout the holidays can watch up to 6 episodes all for FREE.

And the best thing is, everything is fully automated so you as a customer don´t have to do anything, but watching and enjoying the content.

Be aware that in order to get access to the Free Episodes, you have to have a registred user at You can sign up just right here; Sign-Up

Cheapter 1 - December 1st

Ettnix sitting in the couch
Ettnix sitting in the couch

Chapter 2 - December 3rd

Ettnix sitting in the chair explaining about fortnite
Ettnix sitting in the chair showing landing spots in fortnite
Ettnix showing loot route in fortnite
Ettnix explaining meta in fortnite
Ettnix explaining about fight mechanics fortnite

Chapter 3 - December 3rd

Ettnix showing building in fortnite
Ettnix showing build fights in fortnite
ettnix explaining about build practice in fortnite
Ettnix showing off settings in fortnite
Ettnix going through his practice course for editing in fortnite
Ettnix practicing in fortnite

Chapter 4 – December 10th

  • Improving Skill In Solo Queue (Available now)
  • Become A Succesfull Duo (Available now)
  • Communication In Squads (Available now)
  • How To Approach Scrims (Available now)

Chapter 5 – December 17th

  • Video Analysis Part 1
  • Video Analysis Part 2
  • Summer Skirmish Part 1
  • Summer Skirmish Part 2

Chapter 6 – December 24th

  • Create Healty Routines
  • Build A Brand
  • Mentality Part 1
  • Mentality Part 2
  • Ending & Final Words

Happy Holidays. XOXO Team GamerzClass!